2016 McLaren 675 LT: It's Here!!!

After what seems like months of endless teasing with photos and videos, McLaren has finally revealed the new 675 LT.  Don’t let the looks fool you; this is not a tweaked version of the 650s. In fact, this is a hardcore track monster, which can be LEGALLY driven on the public roads. In other words, McLaren can add alchemy to their ever-growing list of skills.

The 675 LT houses a 3.8L twin-turbo V8, which produces a satanic 666hp and 516 lb/ft of torque. This motor is not only more powerful than the 650s, but also entirely different. More than 50% of the parts used, like the fuel pump and rods, are different. The redesigned engine, chassis, and body equate to a dry weight that is more than 200lbs less than the 650s. This improvement in power and weight means that the 675LT can hit 60 in 2.9s and keep going till it's 205mph top speed! Also, considering that the body is stiffer and the engine inertia is lower, the 675LT will absolutely annihilate any corner thrown in its path.

So what does the LT stand for? Well, as mentioned in previous posts, the LT stands for “Longtail”, an ode to the legendary McLaren F1 GTR “Longtail”, which dominated the racing scene in the 90s. The 675 LT features a “Long Tail” airbrake, which is 50% larger than the one found on the 650s. But, since it is entirely constructed out of carbon fiber, this larger tail actually weighs less! In tandem with the titanium exhaust, the entire rear of the car looks pretty damn “fleek” as kids call it these days.

Was the long artsy ad campaign, and “Blackswan” references worth the wait? Yes, absolutely!  

The McLaren 675 LT will be shown off in the flesh at 2015 Geneva Auto Show, which is quite soon. As always, expect the crack team of reporters, here at OSL, to be working over time to provide you with any news that breaks…and then some.