AMG-GT3: Keepin' It Old School

Let’s keep this short and simple. GT3 racing is a manly sport, which compared to F1, is relatively old school. This is probably why the AMG GT3 packs a 6.2l NATURALLY ASPIRATED V8, as opposed to the a variant of the turbo charged 4.0l that propels the road going version.

Now, this motor is based off the old 6.2l that powered the SLS GT3, which was rated at around 560hp. Mercedes didn’t reveal any solid numbers on how much the motor is flexing now, but I think 600hp is a safe number to assume.

Aside from the motor, everything else is pretty standard. There is 6-speed sequential gearbox mounted in the rear, an aluminum space frame, and loads of carbon fiber. This means that the GT3 has a 50/50 weight distribution. Which means that it will be able to go around corners, fast. Which means I will be a happy man.

Expect the AMG GT3 to be shown off in the flesh at the 2015 Geneva Motor show, which is quite soon.