2016 Ford Focus RS: Coming to America!

Today, Ford unveiled the 2016 Ford Focus RS in Cologne, Germany. And boy what a car. The all-new Focus RS is packs a new 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, which produces somewhere around 330hp! This engine packs a new low-inertia twin-scroll turbocharger, and a really big intercooler to maximize charge density. In simpler terms, the RS means business.  

Now, if this were a front-wheel drive hot hatch, 330hp would be a dangerously stupid amount of power…however the RS isn’t front-wheel drive. Instead, the RS’s power is directed to all 4 wheels by a new all-wheel drive with “Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control” system. Basically, the power can be shifted to the front or rear of the car depending on where it is needed, increasing overall grip and cornering ability

Besides the performance enhancements, the RS comes with a sportier exterior and interior. There are vents and openings, a wider stance, and a rear wing! On the inside, there is a 10-speaker sound system, a flat bottom steering wheel, and optional Recaro racing buckets. And probably the best feature announced is the fact that the Ford Focus RS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THE USA!

I’m beginning to like Ford again.

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