Over the past few months, supercar maker McLaren has been teasing us by slowly revealing information about their upcoming car. It will be called the 675 LT and will be the flagship of their newly formed “Super Series” model tier. We know that is produces a “devilish” 666hp from an engine similar to that in the 650S. And now we know that the “LT” actually stands for “Long Tail”, arguably the most iconic feature of the legend that is the McLaren F1 GTR.

 The McLaren F1 GTR. Notice how long it is

The McLaren F1 GTR. Notice how long it is

And just to make us even harder than we already are, McLaren decided to release a series of rather provocative teaser videos, on of a wheel and the other of the exhaust.

So grab a box of tissues and check them out below.


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