Farewell Top Gear: You Will be Missed

Well boys and girls, it looks like the time has come. Jeremy Clarkson will in fact be terminated from his position at Top Gear. And since both co-presenters, James May and Richard Hammond, have stated that they will not continue filming without Clarkson, Top Gear (or the one we know it as) is pretty much finished. Done. Finito. Dead.

This is a big blow to all gear heads across the world, and an especially big blow to us here at OhSoLofty. You see, Top Gear was the reason that I first got into automotive journalism. Cars have always been a major part of my life, and Top Gear is what encouraged me to get into the automotive industry. The writing of Top Gear is what influenced my writing style for this site, which ultimately developed into what it is now. Hell, Top Gear is the reason that this site is called Oh So Lofty. Lofty was the nickname given to Hammond during the Top Gear vs. The Germans episode (Series 11 episode 6). Specifically, during the drag race when Hammond piloted the Ariel Atom.

Top Gear, even though it was often littered with jokes, provided legitimate information on cars and what to look for in cars. Clarkson, May, and Hammond all did a cracking job when reviewing automobiles. Sometimes it was through laughter, other times it through serious technical explanation, but either way the Top Gear reviews will definitely be missed.

Top Gear is the greatest motoring show ever to be broadcasted on television. The hosts, while sometimes total knobs, are all true journalists. There honestly is not replacement for these three lovable loafs, as Top Gear would never be the same with any one else.

I’m going to miss finishing my work early on Monday nights, so I could catch Top Gear, both new and old episodes. I’m going to miss searching the Internet for clues and leaks on what the next series was going to feature. But most importantly, I’m going to miss that feeling that Top Gear episodes gave me. That feeling of euphoria, knowing that for 1-hour cars are the only focus of my life.

RIP Top Gear. You will be missed. And for Jeremy, Richard, and James, Godspeed chaps! You all did well for this world, while it lasted.