First Look: The Mercedes-AMG GLE63

A few months ago, Mercedes revealed their answer to the BMW X6, the GLE Coupe. Predictably, the GLE Coupe range was topped with an AMG edition, powered by a 5.5 liter, twin turbo V8, which had BMW's X6 M in its crosshairs. Yes, it was a pretty quick car, but wasn't, um, practical or good-looking at all...Thankfully Mercedes have now revealed a new SUV which doesn't hurt your eyeballs every time you glance in its general direction. Welcome, readers of Oh So Lofty, to the new Mercedes GLE.

The GLE is essentially a re-named, updated version of the old ML that sold more than any other SUV in Merc's lineup. The new name brings with it revised looks and a revised selection of engines. The one I'm obviously most interested in is the massive V8 that powers the ML63 AMG's successor, the AMG GLE63. The GLE63, instead of being available in either standard or "S" formats, is available only in the full "S" spec, which (in Mercedes talk) means this bombastic SUV is capable of 577 horsepower, which will predictably be driven to all four wheels through the latest iteration of Mercedes' 4-MATIC system. This immense power allows the car that might weigh more than an elephant to reach 60 mph from zero in 4.2 seconds.

Speaking of weight, no official weight figures have been announced yet, but expect something noticeably above two tons. To combat this obvious obstacle in the GLE's performance, the '63 features an Active Curve System which helps to reduce body roll and prevent you from crashing into the nearest tree at obscene speeds. The AMG behemoth also features a 40/60 power distribution between the front and rear wheels, while the rest of the GLE range shares a 50/50 split.

Like its ugly sibling, the GLE Coupe, the GLE will feature a ridiculous amount of futuristic technology, along with all the typical luxuries and spoils you'd expect from a Benz. The difference is that this one will comfortably fit (emphasis on comfortably) five people, along with all of their belongings. That, and you won't ruin everyone's day as you drive past them with the quad exhaust pipes blaring the song of Affalterbach.