Lofty Car Ads (Vol. 1)

Cars are awesome. No doubt in that, but at the end of the day they are apart of the auto industry, which is a business! Car companies are always looking for ways to get make their products (cars) known to the public. Sometimes it’s through sponsorship, like with sports teams. Others have promotional merchandise. But all, at some point, create video campaigns. Some are good, some are down right horrible, and some are just batsh*t weird.

But only few are what I consider Lofty…. So here are a select few!

Ferrari F1 & Shell 

When you first watch this ad, it could be mistaken for an intro for movie about Ferrari F1. It’s shot really well, capturing the excitement of F1 through visuals and sound. And over is a really cool ad for gasoline.

BMW M4 “Ultimate Racetrack”

Imagine a racetrack in the middle of the sea. Seems like a fantasy right? Well it is, but that didn’t BMW from using it as the basis for their M4 advert. Not only is this ad super epic, with drifting and yellow M4 goodness, but gets extra points for using a proper 3-pedal setup.

BMW “The Hire-The Star”

Ok, not really a TV but instead an ad campaign. “The Hire” was created by BMW to promote their cars in the early 2000s, and stared the badass who is Clive Owen. It was a collection of short films; highlighting the BMW vehicles in various action based scenarios. “The Star” is arguably the best episode of the series. It featured Madonna, Clive Owen, and the legendary BMW M5 e39. I could write an entire page on this episode, but I don’t want to risk boring you with my words. So just watch the video and enjoy.

Audi A6 Ad Ft. Jason Statham

Jason Statham and Audi’s go together like French fries and milkshakes. Which is why in this ad, Mr. Statham only really is able to kick ass when he “acquires” a nice Audi. I’ll admit, an A8 would have been a better fit, but this is still a awesome ad.

Acura TSX “iVtec”

This is the most underrated car ad ever! Like seriously, this ad should be shown in all marketing and product promotion classes. It’s the perfect example of how a well-written script, with great music, and a simple presentation can take a seemingly ordinary product and transform it into something really great. Probably one of the best ads I have ever seen.

Cadillac CTS-V

Cadillac has really transformed themselves over the past few years. They went from crappy, glorified Chevys to a producer of some of them best cars to come out of America. This ad really shows us what Cadillac has become. Sophisticated American muscle.