Reveal: Lincoln Continental Concept

Über-luxury sedans, like all cars, are an extension of a driver’s persona. For example, S-Class’s are for the successful, business types. Audi A8’s are for the mysterious, transportery-types. Bmw 7-Series are for…. well I really don’t know. But what I do know is that Lincoln Continental’s are for arguably the most underappreciated persons of todays; Pimps. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a new Lincoln Continental in who knows how long, and pimps themselves have gone from the example of underground high-life (Kat Williams)….to whatever the hell Flava-flav  is. Well, Kat William (and all true pimps) can rejoice as Lincoln just revived the Continental name. Introducing the Lincoln Continental Concept. Just a P.I.M.P.

The Continental Concept is Lincoln’s take on Über-luxury sedans. According to the press release, the Continental is “elegant” and “effortlessly powerful”. I can confirm that this car is elegant; just look at it! I see hints of Bentley and Audi throughout the exterior, all held together with Lincoln’s signature contemporary design philosophy. Plus, there are a lot of really shiny things!

Now onto the “effortlessly powerful” claim. This is where things get a little cloudy. The Continental Concept is powered by a V6, an Eco-Boost V6. This seems like blasphemy, as nothing lower than 5.0L should be in a big American sedan. But then you realize that this is a Ford Eco-Boost V6. While the specific model of engine hasn’t been given, there is a good chance that this V6 could be a version of the same V6 that powers the new Ford Raptor and GT. You know, the V6 that could be configured to push over 600hp! If that is the case, then the V6 is fine by me.

Now to where the magic happens, the interior. The Continental Concept does not disappoint here either, with a plethora of tech scattered throughout the cabin. Tray-tables, tablets, 30-way (yes 30-way) seats are all present. Rose Gold is trim is used to provide “warmth” and more chrome, cuz why not. But most importantly, there is suede, along with leather; used for everything a new-age pimp would touch.

While I doubt that this exact concept will go into production, Lincoln has confirmed that a luxury-sedan will be introduced to the market next year.