Inside Look: Rise and Drive, June 2015

At the beginning of this summer, as I thought about all the car meets I would be attending and all the awesome cars I would undoubtedly see, I came to the realization that I've never actually been to a car meet in the city of Chicago itself. Every car-related event I'd ever attended in Illinois (with the exception of the Chicago Auto Show) had taken place within one of the windy city's suburbs, so I was very curious to see what Chicago's wealthy car enthusiasts could bring to the table. As I searched through Google, I stumbled into the website for a meet called Rise and Drive, a monthly show for car enthusiasts that actually took place in Chicago. After seeing galleries from its 2014 meets, my interest was captured and I marked my calendar for the morning of Sunday, June 21st. Finally, I'd get to see what hidden gems the city had in store. And oh, there were definitely some gems.

Although Rise and Drive didn't necessarily have the quantity of cars that the Supercar Saturdays meets bring in, the quality was there without question. This quantity issue might be due to the event being reasonably new (and therefore unknown to many possible attendees), but it was also Father's Day so I'll cut them some slack for that. There were some truly special cars present, and you, the reader, deserve to see them. So I'm done with the words, time for some pictures. Just click on the pictures to scroll through the gallery of automotive eye candy below, and enjoy!