The Aston Martin DB9 GT: More Comfort, More Power

When deciding how to keep their wonderful V12 cruiser relevant after over a decade of production, Aston Martin's designers and engineers have decided that a subtle approach would be the most effective. From a distance, it would be incredibly hard to distinguish this new DB9 from any other post-facelift model that's been produced in the past few years. But, when you really look at it, you'll start to notice that there's more to this GT version than first meets the eye.

Firstly, because I love unnecessarily large engines, let's talk about the DB9's famous, 6 liter V12. It's now more powerful than ever, capable of 540 horsepower and 457 lb ft of torque. Now, these numbers are pretty impressive, especially when coming from a naturally-aspirated engine, but many Aston buyers won't really care about them at all. They won't really care about the GT's 183 mph top speed either. What they will care about is how the car feels as you cruise down the boulevard, enjoying the lavishness of the interior as passerby stare at the elegant cruiser you're piloting.

The most observant of said passerby will be able to distinguish this as the GT model by various features located throughout the exterior of the car. Other than the obvious "GT" badges, the car comes equipped with new alloy wheels, slightly-modified headlights and taillights, and a new, painted rear diffuser. It's likely that only the truest of Aston fans will be able to identify the GT on the streets, but when you have a car as beautiful as the DB9 as the starting point, it's ok to not change too much.

Where the GT model really starts to come together is with the heavily revised interior. The DB9 GT is equipped with the same, glorious center console as the Vanquish, which brings a more modern look and feel to the cabin. The GT also features new leather trim and seats with the letters GT embroidered into them (because, of course, if you buy a special edition of a car, you need to be constantly reminded of it).

With Aston Martin due to replace the DB9 in the near future, the GT seems like a pretty proper sendoff for a car that's graced roads with its beauty for over a decade. It's pretty much everything you could ever want from a big grand tourer, and I'll be waiting eagerly to see if Aston's designers can create an even more appealing shape for the next model. Until then, the DB9 will do.