Tesla Model S July Update: Just Ludicrous

Tesla Motors just announced updates for their high end Model S sedan. Starting from least exciting, the 70kWh Model S all-wheel drive model will now start at $70,000. This is a $5,000 reduction in price, which also makes it the same price for the rear wheel drive model.

Next, there is now a 90kWh Model S that Mr. Musk acclaimed to possess a 300-mile range at highway speeds (65mph). For comparison, the 85kWh Model S has a range of about 265-miles, with the 75kWh having a 235-mile range. I’m assuming the 90kWh will take place of the 85kWh. Overall, this is a welcomed update it.

 A Lofty Approved Model S

A Lofty Approved Model S

And finally, remember the “Insane Mode” that Tesla announced a while back? You know, the one that propelled the Model S to 60 in about 3.0s? You know, the one that made us all say “Holy f***, that’s awesome”? Well Tesla now has a new, faster, more insane mode. They call it “Ludicrous”. I call it “Yes”. Supposedly, this mode will allow the top spec Model S to get up to 60 in a short (and most likely terrifyingly awesome) 2.8s. The quarter mile time is roughly a jaw-dropping 10.7s. This is a pure electric car. For comparison, a Porsche 918 (which costs around $900,000) does 60 in roughly 2.5s (with launch control). That’s nuts. Even crazier is that you can get around 6 loaded Model S’s for the price of the Porsche.

Oh, and one more thing. Mr. Musk also stated that the Model X SUV and the Model 3 sedan are on schedule. Also, the “Ludicrous” mode will also be available on the Model X SUV, allowing it to do 60 in roughly 3.3. Now those are some lofty statistics folks.