Top Gear Thursday

As many of you may know, Top Gear (well at least Top Gear with Jeremey, Richard, and James) is no more. Few posts back, my colleague Jack Lavish created a post reminiscing on his moments from the now defunct motoring show. Now, I considered creating a post listing my favorite episodes and moments from Top Gear, however I soon realized that there were too many favorite moments for me. This is why I have decided to create “Top Gear Thursday”. Every Thursday, there will be a post containing a memorable moment from Top Gear.

This week’s moment is from series 16, episode: The Albania Mafia Special. In this episode, Jeremey, Richard, and James tested three cars (Mercedes S65, Rolls Royce Ghost, and a Zastava AKA Bentley Mulsanne) by driving them through Albania in their usual fashion. Now since the test was requested by a leading light in the Albanian Mafia, the manner in which these cars were scrutinized was a bit different. One such test, and arguably my favorite, was to see which was the best getaway car for a bank job. So to test this out, the boys grabbed the pantyhose, robbed a bank, and ran for the hills…for the most part. Check out the scene below to see what I’m talking about.