Coming Soon: Something Different

For almost a year now, my fellow writers and I at Oh So Lofty have done our best to post, among other things, a lot of factual automotive content. We've covered pretty much every major car reveal, motor show, and more, in order to provide our viewers with content that we hope they enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing. This time, however, we've decided to do something a bit different. After re-watching an old Top Gear episode (again), the idea arose to make an attempt at reviewing my car, a decade-old Volkswagen Jetta, in the same style that Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the Ford Fiesta back in series 12 (minus the production budget). So, for the first time, the entire Oh So Lofty crew gathered to collaborate on a project. That review will be posted within the next few days, so make sure to stay tuned to OSL. You won't want to miss it!

For those of you who haven't yet seen Mr. Clarkson's wonderfully unorthodox review of the Ford Fiesta, it's available to watch down below. Enjoy!