BMW M4 GTS Concept

It’s Pebble Beach. YAAAAY! That means a lot of talk of classic cars as well as the revealing of many awesome new cars. For example, BMW this morning showed off two fine automobiles. One was a repainted concept car from earlier this year, the 3.0 CSL Homage Concept. The other, and more appealing one is the M4 GTS Concept.

Now, for those of you who aren’t well rehearsed in “M” cars, allow me to explain the significance of the “GTS” naming. The “GTS” badge was first introduced into the lineup in 2009, during the e92 generation M3. The GTS was basically a really light, more powerful M3 aimed for track use. It was meant to take place of the CSL M3 from the previous generation.

The M4 GTS Concept looks to carry on the legacy set by the mentioned M cars. While we do not have specific numbers, yet, the M4 GTS looks to be a helluva a lot lighter than the regular M4. I would expect most of the weight savings to be from the deletion of interior elements as well as the many new carbon fiber bits. The hood, front lip, and spoiler are all carbon fiber (with the lip and wing being adjustable). Also, the M4 GTS has the long rumored Water Injection system, which is used in the BMW MotoGP M4 Safety Car. Again, no specific numbers were revealed, however knowing the potential that water injection gives,  I would not be surprised if this thing produced more than 500hp. And it will definitely sound good with it’s new, straighter exhaust system.

Other notable features of the M4 GTS Concept are the Frozen Grey paintjob, orange accenting used in the wheels and lip, as well as a new OLED taillight system, which I’m confident will be making its way into the general lineup soon. Now, usually I would say that hoping a concept car will make production, unchanged is a waste of time…however with BMW things are different. Usually, the concept that they show off at shows like Pebble Beach are very similar to production ready models. So, with that said, expect an article on the official M4 GTS soon.