Porsche Mission E Concept

Up until now, if one wanted an electric car that could “maybe” replace an internal combustion car, there was only 1 option. The Tesla Model S. With its 260-300mile range, large interior, and luxurious amenities, the Model S really didn’t have any real competition. Well that may not be the case if Porsche’s latest concept becomes a reality.

Porsche just unveiled a new electric concept car, dubbed the Porsche Mission E Concept. The Mission E is a 4-door electric sedan that can drive 310miles on a charge, hit 60 in 3.5s, and (the best part) get 250miles worth of range with a 15-minute charge. For comparison, a Tesla Model S requires around 30-45 minutes to acquire the same range, using their “Supercharging” stations.

While Porsche didn’t get to technical bits, they have stated that the Mission E uses a dual motor setup that is based off the 919 LeMans car. The drive-system is rated at 800-volts, which to my knowledge is a lot. According to Porsche, the system has an output of 600hp. Also, the charging system is rated at 400-volts. This maybe why the Mission E can be charged so quickly.

But to be quite honest with you, the design is what really tickles my fancy. This car is bloody gorgeous. The body lines are silky smooth, like the freshly shaved legs of a super model. I’m assuming (hoping) that this is what the next Panamera might look like.

Like the name states, this is a concept, so we really don’t know whether this will make production. Even if it doesn’t, no-doubt in my mind that some of the Mission E’s elements will be incorporated into Porsche’s future lineup.