2016 Audi S4

The new Audi A4 was revealed a few months back, and was for most part met with a positive response. I praised it for the inclusion of luxury features, like the digital instrument panel. However, I also blasted it for the design. The new A4 isn’t what I call pretty…but it isn’t bad either. It’s smooth, safe, and subtle. To me, the new A4 is lacking in emotion, which is something, considering the out-going A4 wasn’t exactly a car that would shout in your face.

Audi just took the wraps off their new S4, the hot version of the A4. It, predictably, is based off the A4 and features a new 3.0L. Let’s take a look.

Now, the old S4 packed a Supercharged 3.0l V6, which produced around 330hp. I really liked that engine; the way it delivered power is like no other car in it’s class. It was smooth, linear, and fast. Also sounded really good too.

Unfortunately for me, Audi has scrapped that motor in the new S4. Now the S4 features a 3.0L V6 that is turbocharged. This may sound like a step backwards; however, things look better once you read the numbers. This motor produces 354hp and 369 lb/ft of torque, marking roughly 10% increases in output when compared to the outgoing model. All this power is managed by a new 8-speed Tip-Tronic transmission. 0-60 takes 4.7s, which I feeling is a little modest.

Now when I think “S Line” Audi, I picture an aggressive face with a wide stance. An S-line Audi should be distinguishable from it’s normal counterpart. With the new S4, Audi calls it a “Sporty Understatement”. Well it’s definitely understated, wouldn’t call it sporty though.  Yes, it has quad-exhaust, silver accents, and a slightly reworked from bumper…but I would not call this car aggressive in anyway. The front and side could be mistaken for a regular A4. I’m not saying it’s ugly, but at the same time I’m not saying it’s pretty. It looks plane Jane, vanilla, boring.

Apart from the new design and motors, the S4 also packs a lot of the new toys that were announced with the new A4. This includes a digital instrument panel, full LED lighting, and advanced smartphone integration. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an increase over last years’ model.