2016 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet

The w222 generation of the S-Class are some of the best cars Mercedes-Benz have made in a long time. It could also be argued that in the present, it is the best car model out there on the road. Benz has treated us to a saloon variant, a coupe variant, and an extended wheelbase variant (Maybach). All of these cars a splendid, which means that the recently announced S-Class Cabriolet will also be splendid (if not better).

Now, it’s a fact that taking the roof off a car automatically enhances the driving experience, even in the case of minivans (RIP Top Gear). Considering the fact that Benz already makes one of the best roadsters on the market, the SL, it would only be expected that the S Cabriolet would live up to the motto “The Best or Nothing”.

From initial impressions, the Cabriolet does not seem to disappoint. The design is based heavily off the Coupe variant, which is a good thing because that car is the *Insert Attractive Female* of cars. The roof is a retractable soft-top, which folds in behind the two rear seats but not entirely into the boot. This not only means extra boot space, but also no need for the pesky roof covers in the boot. I’m not the biggest fan of soft tops, however considering the length of this car I think this roof mechanism is an appropriate fit.

Now, a big Benz with adequate power is like a bratwurst without sauerkraut. Just no. Luckily, the S-Class coupe isn’t lacking any power even on the entry S550 trim. Under the hood lies a 4.7L Bi-Turbo V8, which pumps out close to 450hp and 516 lb/ft of torque. More interestingly, this motor is mated to the new 9-speed transmission from Benz, which should provide nice, seamless acceleration. The S63 AMG packs a plentiful 577hp and 664 lb/ft of torque, all of which is handled by the AMG 7-speed transmission.

And in case you're worried about the chassis becoming as wobbly as the Chinese economy, don’t be! According to Benz, the additional use of magnesium and aluminum in specific areas of the body have kept the Cabriolet “exceptionally rigid”.

Interior wise, the overall design is very similar to that of the coupe, however some revisions have been made to accommodate going topless. The lovely “AirScarf” neck heaters from the SL have been added to heat the necks of the über wealthy. There are enough sensors in the cabin that measure climate statistics to make Tom Skilling (Google him) have a wet dream!


No pricing info has been released about the S-Class Cabriolet, yet…however I wouldn’t expect a bargain. Prices will probably be at a premium over the Coupe. Stay tuned to OhSoLofty for coverage of the Frankfurt Motorshow in a couple of weeks, where the S-Class Cabriolet will be shown off in the flesh.