Lofty List: Best Sounding V6 Cars

Engines are a wonderful thing. They take fuel and turn it into forward motion. They do this by creating millions of explosions, and harnessing the forces created. And they do this with ever varying conditions, like different fuel mixture, different displacements, different aspiration methods, etc...

As you may have figured out, we here at OhSoLofty are quite fond of engines. This is why my fellow writer Jack Lavish and I have decided to go through the thousands of engines out there in the world and create a list of the best sounding ones. And to keep things simple, these lists will be separated by engine type. There will also be a video accompanying these list to keep things nice and classy.

This week’s list is all about V6’s! Finally, we’re stumbling into the V-configuration motors. V6s are used in pretty much ever automobile application. They power economy cars, like Accords and Camry’s, as well as some of the most power cars out there, like the GTR and NSX. V6s are the pocket knife of the car world because of their usefulness and adaptability. And they also have a distinct, mid-to-high pitched exhaust note. So without further babbling, let’s start this list off with the…

Jaguar F-Type S

The Jaguar F-Type S is one of the few examples where a base motor is the best option for the car. Sure, it’s not tear your face off loud like the V8, but it’s not cute either. The supercharged V6 in the F-Type S is a monster motor with a monstrous voice. The strong power delivery, complemented by the rip/snarl/crack soundtrack create quite an experience for all those in it’s vicinity.

Nissan GTR R35

You really can’t talk about the best V6 cars without brining up the Nissan GTR R35. The GTR features a hand built, twin-turbo V6 that is made in a factory in Japan, which we all know is from the future. The GTR has a distinctive, lower pitched bassy sound, which some say sounds too tame. I on the other hand find it refreshing.

Lancia Stratos HF1

Lancia is a great car company. So great, that Ferrari let them use their V6 motor in arguably the most iconic Lancia ever made. The Stratos HF1 is mid-engined, Ferrari powered masterpiece. It’s sharp, fast, and sounds great!

 Alfa Romeo Busso V6

Alfa’s are often called the cars with souls. If that is the case, then their Busso V6 is the cleanest soul in the car world. The Busso not only has an awesome name, but also a great history in Alfa’s lineup. The Busso was used from 1979 to 2005, in various variation with changes in displacement to valve placement. Only thing that didn’t change was the glorious exhaust note.

Honda/Acura NSX

The NSX was the closest Honda ever got to making a supercar. Powered by their 3.0l VTEC V6, the NSX was a favorite of late racing driver Artyon Senna. The NSX had a high redline, which meant you could rev it out to the max, which made it sing soprano around the track it was on.