The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept

After many design teams across the world have debuted their respective takes on videogame-conquering supercars and racecars, the designers at Bugatti have finally been let off the leash. These concepts from carmakers such as Aston Martin, Nissan and Mercedes, allow company's designers to stray away from their typical design language in favor of extreme, excessive awesomeness. However, despite how cool most of these cars have been, none of these concept cars have exemplified these aforementioned attributes quite like Bugatti's latest creation.

The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept looks like a Veyron Supersport and a Lamborghini Veneno had a baby with anger issues. The aggressive, intimidating bodywork shows what Bugatti's speed king might've looked like if it made an appearance in the GT3 racing scene. From the intricately designed, and probably pretty aerodynamic, front end to the concept's gargantuan rear spoiler, it's something I desperately wish was real. Actually, it is...sort of.

Bugatti is actually creating a full-size model for display at the Frankfurt motor show, but that's pretty much it. It won't be functional, there won't be any performance stats, but come on. As a design exercise, it couldn't get much cooler.