Porsche 911: The Definition of Insanity

I was once told the definition of insanity was doing something over and over and expecting a different result. Everybody is guilty of a couple moments of insanity each day, for example, trying to force a locked door open. You know it will not open, but it will never stop you from trying. anyway. Car companies are also guilty of this insanity, keeping stale models until their sales (and reputation) dwindle to dust. Some companies, however, can leave a car nearly the same for 53 years and still sell as many as they can make. Of course, I am talking about Porsche, and their venerable 911. 



Aside from some minor changes in style and technology, the general principle of the car remains the same. Since its inception it has remained low and wide, engine behind the rear wheels, rear wheel drive, and the benchmark of the sports car world. As far as I can figure, the 911 is the definition of insanity, with no less than 16 different versions of the same car. Only a trained eye can notice the differences between the Carrera 4 and the 911 R, even with the base price of the 911R being more than double the Carrera 4 before optional equipment. No, to truly understand any 911, you must drive it. 



Get in, put your foot to the floor, and experience why they have not changed the car in over half a century. The formula works. Drive it like a moron, and you won’t make it to the end of your driveway. If you know how to drive, this car will reward you with a grin as long as the skid marks you will leave in front of your neighbor’s driveway. With the different models ranging from 370 to 580 horsepower, there is plenty of power to propel you towards either the nearest sunset or the nearest jail. If you want to personalize the car, Porsche will cater to every desire, taste and color scheme. Trying to option a 911 to buy in under an hour is impossible, with the countless options for leather, aluminum, Alcantara, and carbon fiber. In a time where cars are being restricted by emissions, cost, and blandness, you can always count on the Porsche 911 to be waiting, ready to give you the little bit of insanity everyone so desperately needs.



(Special thanks to Carousel Motors of Iowa City for providing the beautiful Miami Blue Porsche 911 Carrera S pictured in this review.)

Bram Williams

Iowa Baja Racing, 200 North Madison Street, Iowa City, IA, 52245