What's Next for Tesla?

As of right now, Tesla Motors is arguably the most talked about car company on the planet. It can also be considered the most innovative, and definitely one of the most desirable brand of cars on the market; considering they are outselling competing cars from BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz by a large margin.

One the main drivers of this enthusiasm for the brand is the surprise factor associated with Tesla and their products. No one really knows for sure what Tesla is really up to next, which makes product reveals quite an event.

That said, every so often a tidbit of information leaks out, leading to speculation, and ultimately more excitement. So with that said, what are some things that we can expect from Tesla in the coming couple of years?

Well, for starters I think Tesla will begin to focus on increasing the range of their vehicles. Tesla has been relatively hush on their battery research, but have stated that new battery chemistry will result in significantly increased range. How much range? Hard to tell for sure, but I would not be surprised if the range of future Tesla cars become comparable to gasoline cars within a couple of years.

Another thing that’s pretty much a for sure is increased availability of charging stations. Tesla will be releasing their high anticipated Model 3. That car alone will at least double the amount of Teslas on the road, resulting in a need for more charging points. Tesla has been aggressively expanding their Destination Charging network for the past year or so, leading to increased charger density in the city. Outside of the major cities, however, the situation has not improved as significantly.

It is reported that Tesla is working with gas station owners to install their Superchargers in more convenient locations. Also, Tesla recently stated that Superchargers will not be free to use any more. With these two things in consideration, it could be assumed that Tesla is trying to franchise their charging network in order to expand it. Smart.

Finally, Tesla is for sure trying to change the definition of what a car is. New Tesla cars can be equipped with new Auto Pilot hardware, which will allow for autonomous function. Not only will future Teslas drive themselves and their owners, but also other people. It is reported that Tesla is working on a rival to Uber and Lyft, which will allow Tesla owners to basically let their cars drive other people around for money! Of course, at the owner’s discretion. Because of this, Tesla could reduce the total number of cars on the road, i.e. all them Uber/Lyft drivers, which could significantly change the driving environment for many people.

Is this last point a bit far fetched? Well, no one would have expected a little electric car company based out of California to affect the sales of established marques. No one expected a large 4-door electric sedan to be the fastest accelerating production car in the world! No one expected Tesla to survive this long, let alone thrive.

So yes, all of this may seem a bit far fetched to you…but probably not Tesla.