Aston Martin Vanquish S

With so many automakers introducing turbocharged engines into their lineup, it’s nice to see a proper naturally aspirated engine pop-up here and there. Aston Martin recently introduced their first turbo-charged car ever, the DB11. The DB11, with it’s twin-turbo V12 motor, marks a new era for British marque. A new, more sophisticated, Mercedes-Benzy era… That said, Aston’s newest update to the Vanquish sticks with it’s humble roots. Natural aspiration.

They call is the Vanquish S; I call it perfect. The Vanquish S packs a reworked naturally aspirated V12, which makes 595hp and 465 lb*ft of torque. Thanks to a new intake system, and reworked transmission, the Vanquish S does 60mph in 3.5s. It also probably sounds really good, because 1.) It has 4 rear exhaust pipes , and 2.) It’s an Aston Martin.

Speaking of the rear, it is quite nice. As is the front, and the sides, and the interior. This is such a pretty car, that I’m going to conclude this post here, and let the photos do the talking.