The new Alpine Vision

Before I start rambling on about the subject of this post, the resurrection of Alpine Automobiles and their Vision Concept, I think it would do everyone good if I went over what Alpine Automobiles is.

Alpine is a fairly old little French car company, that specializes in creating racecars and sports cars famously powered by Renault motors. Though Alpine developed cars well through the mid 90s, they are mainly known for their products from the 60s and 70s. Specifically, I’m talking about the Alpine A108 and the Alpine A110 Berlinetta.

 Alpine A110

Alpine A110

While both these cars packed laughably low outputting engines (the A108 having 37hp-55hp and the A110 having 55hp-140hp to play with), they still left an impression on the world with their simplicity, beauty, and 6 World Rally Championship victories.

Alpine Automobiles was bought by Renault in the early 70s, and really fell off the map after the 90s. But now they are back, and with a new car. The Vision.

The Alpine Vision is a modern take of the A110 Berlinetta. Signature design elements, like the headlights, are present along with very today looking swoops and curves. It’s a small car, but still packs a presence. The interior is racecar inspired, having racing buckets, a sport steering wheel, and 5-point racing harnesses throughout.

Powering the Alpine Vision Concept is a turbo charged 4-cylinder motor, a product of Renault Sport. Though no specific power output is given, the Vision Concept has enough to get to 60mph in 4.5s

Though the Vision is a proof of concept, Alpine have stated that a production ready version is in the works and will be revealed before the end of the year. That car is planned to go on sale in the middle 2017.