Best Sounding V8 Motors (Part 2)

Best Sounding V8s Part 2

Engines are a wonderful thing. They take fuel and turn it into forward motion. They do this by creating millions of explosions, and harnessing the forces created. And they do this with ever varying conditions, like different fuel mixture, different displacements, different aspiration methods, etc...

As you may have figured out, we here at OhSoLofty are quite fond of engines. This is why my fellow writer Jack Lavish and I have decided to go through the thousands of engines out there in the world and create a list of the best sounding ones. And to keep things simple, these lists will be separated by engine type. There will also be a video accompanying these list to keep things nice and classy.

The subject of this list is (once again) the all mighty 8-Cylinder motor. 8-cylinder motors power many, many, many different cars. There are many great 8-cylinder motors out there, which made creating just one list quite a challenge. Luckily, we here at OSL are forward thinkers, and aren’t afraid to take risks. This is why we made not 1 but 2 lists compiling the best of the V8 demographic.

So with that said, lets start this list off with the…

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

The Ferrari 360 CS in my opinion is the closest thing to a Ferrari F1 car for the street. It’s a barebones racecar for the streets, which is powered by a magnificently engineered motor. The 3.6L V8 sits happily in the rear of the car, and produces a lofty 420hp at it’s 8500rpm redline! And thanks to it’s reworked exhaust system, the CS is not only lighter than the regular 360, but also louder!

Audi RS4 (4.2 FSI)

The Audi RS4 is my favorite car in existence. It’s an understated and practical sports car that packs a heavy punch. From the B7 variant to the most recent B8.5 variant, the RS4 has been powered by Audi’s spending and high-revving 4.2L FSI V8. Thanks to a Quad-cam setup, this beast of a produces 414hp, revs till 8,250rpm, and still makes 317 lb*ft of torque! And it sounds great! The perfect car, if you ask me.

Corvette Stingray

When the word “V8” comes into conversation, “’Murica” usually pops into one’s thoughts. Chevrolet is American too. Put all three together, and you get the Corvette! The new Corvette Stingray is powered by a 6.2L V8, which makes 455hp. Not only is the Corvette a powerful car, but like a certain successful American businessman, it’s loud too! Luckily, it’s the good kind of loud.

Ferrari 458

The Ferrari 458 to many is considered the best modern Ferrari so far. It’s a very capable supercar on the track, a fairly practical car on the road, and an absolutely beautiful car aesthetically. It’s also the last naturally aspirated V8 powered Ferrari. The 4.5L V8 produces a whopping 562hp and 398 lb*ft of torque. It also sings through the rev-range all the way to soprano at 9000rpm.

Volvo S80

You read that right, the V8 in the Volvo S80 sounds superb, though after some backyard modifications. Yes, even though the car surrounding it is as flavorful as tap water, the 4.4L V8 under the hood of the S80 is a restrained beast. A beast that produces a commendable 315hp, 320 lb*ft of torque, and a growl that surprises.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

As you could tell by the name of the car, this Aston Martin is V8 powered. Specifically, it is a 4.7L V8 that makes 420hp and 302 lb*ft of torque. And as you could have guessed by it’s placement on this list, it sounds really good.

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (6.2L)

Usually European cars are more sophisticated and composed when compared to their American counterparts. An exception to this is the W204 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. This small car has a big, 6.2L V8 under the hood, which is pushing 503hp and 467 lb*ft of torque to the rear wheels. Luckily, you won’t go deaf from the screeching tires, the thunderous sound from the V8 is way louder!

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

This is a car that needs no introduction. Powered by a Shelby developed supercharged V8, creating a whopping 662hp and a 203mph top speed, you can rest assured that the GT500 will sound great!