The 2017 B7 Alpina

The new BMW 7-series is a technological masterpiece. However, compared to the higher-tier offerings from it’s competitors, the Mercedes S63 AMG and Audi S8, the new 7-series falls a tad bit short on performance. Now due to brand preservation, BMW does not make a performance oriented version of the 7-series themselves, instead however, they outsource that to master tuning company Alpina.

The 2017 B7 Alpina is BMWs answer to the Audi S8 Plus and Mercedes S63 AMG. Powered by a Alpina tuned 600hp, 4.4L Twin-Turbo V8, the B7 can accelerate to 60 in 3.6s! The Audi does the same 3.7s, while the Merc hits 60 in 3.9s.

In order to achieve this level of performance, the B7 packs an entirely new turbo system running at 20psi of boost, a new high flow intake system, an intercooler, forged pistons, and an active exhaust system fabricated from stainless steel. All the power produced is sent to all four wheels through an Alpina tuned version of the ZF 8-speed transmission. As you could probably tell, the B7 shares very little with the stock 7-series drivetrain.

Aesthetically speaking, however, the B7 is basically a 7-series with a body kit, big forged multi-spoke wheels, and the signature Alpina Metallic Blue or Green paint. That said, the B7 does look good from the outside. Much sportier than a stock 750i.

The interior of the B7 is basically the interior found in the 7-series, however with much higher quality leather and trim pieces. The BMW badges are replaced with Alpina badges. And the instrument panel has blue and green highlights, instead of the blue and orange found in regular BMWs. In short, it’s quite nice.

Official pricing has yet to be announced, however I would expect the 2017 B7 Alpina to start at around $135,000.