The Aston Martin DB11: Elegance on Wheels

Every once in a while, something comes along that just truly takes my breath away. It leaves me awestruck by it’s beauty, both in the physical and spiritual sense. On my exterior I sit motionless, while inside I’m transformed into a little school girl, jumping with joy at the thought that such a wonderful thing exists.

The new Aston Martin DB11 has just been unveiled, and just from reading the press release and looking at it’s photos, I am currently in the state of being that I described above. This car has truly taken my heart; allow me to elaborate why.

The exterior of the DB11, in my opinion, is perfect. It’s long, athletic, and imposes a presence of something special. And yet it’s subtle, sophisticated, very gentlemen like. The bonnet is a single, sculpted piece of art that belongs in the MOMA. The side silhouette of the DB11 resembles a runner about to pounce off the line. And the rear, what a rear. A bit flatter than previous Aston’s, yes, but still distinctive. I should note that all those artful curves, scoops, and ducts are also functional. In motion, those bodily features create zones of high and low pressure around the body work, which equate to low air resistance and a lot of downforce.

Powering this English Badass is a brand new, Aston derived 5.2L twin-turbo charged V12. This new motor produces a commanding 600hp and 516 lb*ft of torque, all of which is managed by a ZF 8-speed transmission. 0-60 takes 3.9s and the top speed is 200mph. And even with the addition of turbos, the DB11 will most certainly have that Aston growl thanks to a stainless steel, cross-piped exhaust system.

The DB11 features a new torque vectoring system, a mechanical limited slip differential, as well as a three stage adaptive dampening system. Drivers of the DB11 can choose between 3 different driving modes; GT, Sport, and Sport+. GT mode is sort of like the comfort mode, providing a softer and quitter driving experience. Sport and Sport+ are as they sound, providing a louder, and rawer driving experience. It should be noted that the exhaust note heard in the cabin is 100% from the engine. Absolutely no synthetic engine audio trickery.

Inside the DB11 is arguably the best Aston Martin interior ever. Pretty much every tangible surface is covered in leather, wood, or metal (as is the case with every Aston Martin). The seats have a very unique stitching pattern, that reminds of Ferragamo loafers. Instead of the old, outdated electronics system of the past, the DB11 houses basically an Aston Martin skinned version of Mercedes-Benz’s MBrace 2 system. Which is a good thing as that system is brilliant.

Now all of this great and all, but what really took my breath away is the attention to detail in DB11. Everything seems to have been thought through with the utmost of detail. The paddle shifters are angled just so that they fall right where one’s hands would be. The sounds used to indicate the driver of car systems have been recorded to not be annoying, but complementing to the driving experience. Even though no one will ever notice unless closely inspected, pretty much every exterior feature has a mental level of inner detailing.

In conclusion, I LOVE the DB11. It is the first car in a very long time that has truly left me feeling so passionate about it. I not only want to see one in flesh, I want to experience one.

 I want to own one

That is how I feel about the DB11


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