The Porsche 911R: New Dog, Old Tricks

Throughout the recent years, the 911 has become a popular target for people who seem to be stuck in the past. These individuals, whom we will refer to as “purists”, complain that Porsches of recent have become too fluffed with unnecessary technology (i.e. dead weight). While I don’t consider modern tech like dual-clutch gearboxes, traction management systems, and air conditioning as unnecessary “dead weight”, I do feel that some of these features detract from the driving experience of a car.

The Porsche 911R is Porsche’s answer to the purist crowd. In the rear, because Porsche, lies a naturally aspirated 4.0L flat-6. Specifically, the same flat-6 from the GT3 RS. For those unfamiliar with that engine, it produces a lofty 500hp and 337 lb*ft of torque.

Now to control all that power, the 911R has a traditional 3-pedal setup. The 6-speed manual transmission has a performance oriented setup, with relatively short gear ratios. All this, plus the 3021lb curb weight and the full titanium exhaust equates to a 0-60 time of 3.7s and a top speed of 200mph!

It should be noted that the 3021lb curb weight is the lighted of the 911 model line. To achieve this, the 911R features carbon fiber and cloth buckets, no audio systems or air-conditioning (no charge options), and a lot less interior insulation. The steering wheel is pretty bare, with no fancy buttons or knobs in sight. Also, there are leather loops instead of door handles, because we all know that door handles are dead weight. The old school racing stripes also help in someway other than being purely cosmetic, I’m pretty sure.

Jokes aside, the 911R is probably the most driver oriented Porsche in a very long time. The 911R has a limited production of 991 cars (cheeky Porsche as usual). Supposedly, this car is also sold out. And considering the recent prices of limited 911s, those 911R probably did not go cheap.

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