The 2017 Tesla Model S

Tesla has really been on a roll lately. The Model 3 is now a thing and people love it, with reservations nearing 400,000. The Model X is shaping up to be a hit, with orders finally being delivered. And not to be left out, not only are the sale numbers for Model S increasing worldwide, but Tesla also just released a face lifted version.

The 2017 Model S has the same overall shape and dimensions of the original, however the front fascia now follows the design of the Model X and 3. The fake black grill has been removed, with the nose now body colored and featuring a bit flatter geometry. It’s hard to describe in words, but rest assure it looks great! Also, the headlights are now sharper looking, adaptive, full LED units.

On the inside, the new Model S features some more storage space, through the addition of a revised center console and door slots, as well as a bio medical grade HEPA air filtration system. Also, there are a few new choices of wood trim.

There do not seem to be any major changes with performance, however the overall range seems to be increased slightly. No official explanation for this increase in range has been provided, which is leading me to believe that it is possibly a result of two things; new software, or increased aerodynamic efficiency from the new nose design.

The new Model S goes on sale today, and starts at $76,500 before incentives. This marks a $1,500 increase from the out going model. Oh, and in case you ordered a Model S a few weeks back, Tesla is providing the new design for no extra cost.