The 2017 Audi TT RS

The last generation Audi TT RS was probably one of the most epic, little cars of this decade. The turbocharged inline-5 engine produced a commendable 355hp and 343 lb*ft of torque, which propelled the 1.5-ton coupe to 60 in 4.1s! Also, thanks to RS tuned suspension on driveline components, the TT RS actually took corners quite gracefully, even thought the wheelbase was quite short.

Audi just revealed the next generation TT RS, and upon initial review, it’s shaping up to be quite the car.

Design wise, the new TT RS is a looker. Available in both a coupe and soft-top roadster version, the new TT RS is takes the already sharp TT design, and makes it even sharper! At it’s highest point, the TT RS is 4.5ft tall. The bumpers are pointer, there is a nice low spoiler, and the new 7-spoke rims look ace! Inside, the TT RS features quilted leather bucket seats, a sport steering wheel, and a 12.3in display that handles all the vehicle instrumentation.

In the go department, the new TT RS comes with a completely new turbocharged inline-5 engine, which makes an epic 400hp and 354 lb*ft of torque. In combination with a new 7-speed S-Tronic transmission and a clever traction control system, the TT RS Coupe will sprint to 60mph in 3.7s! The roadster will take a tad bit longer, hitting 60 in 3.9s.

Like all RS cars, the new TT RS has Quattro All-wheel drive. Now, normal all-wheel drive cars are prone to understeer, due to the power sent to all wheels canceling out the rotation during cornering. Well that does not apply with RS Audis. The power management software, in combination with a sport differential and torque converter, mean that the TT RS will take corners effortlessly and still have the ability to lay down power effectively.

Audi plans to launch the new TT RS this fall exclusively in the European market.