The New Porsche 718 Cayman

Porsche has been making significant changes to its cars in the past year or so. After debuting a new range of turbocharged 911s, they got rid of the Boxster’s flat-six engine altogether in favor of a more economical 4-cylinder. This downsizing trend has finally reached Porsche’s entire sports car range, as the Cayman has now lost its screaming flat-six. Now powered by either a 2 or 2.5-liter boxer engine, this is the new 718 Cayman.

Despite the smaller engines powering the new Cayman, they still show healthy jumps in power over the outgoing models. The more powerful of the two current options, the Cayman S, produces 345 horsepower and 309 lb ft from its 2.5-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Those numbers are the exact same as the Boxster S, which represents the first time the Boxster and Cayman have shared the same power figures. This is sent to the rear wheel through either a six-speed manual or the almighty PDK transmission. 0-60 happens in 4.2 seconds on the way to a 177 mph top speed. Not too shabby, considering it’s also capable of around 40 miles per gallon.

On the styling front, the changes aren’t exactly drastic. It is a Porsche after all, so expecting something significant in that department would not be realistic. The Cayman receives similar updates to its Boxster counterpart, including a revised front bumper, headlights, side intakes, and back end. While I think the outgoing model is the more attractive design, the new car isn’t exactly ugly either, so that’s good news.

The 718 Cayman is set to be quite the sports car. While the new Boxster has already demonstrated a downgrade in sound compared to the previous sixer, it’s faster, more powerful, lighter, and more economical. The Cayman has always been an agile car through the corners, and this 718 will surely be no slouch. Prices start at $53,900 for the base Cayman, which represents great value, especially when considering it’s now cheaper than the Boxster. For all the news on Porsche’s current love of downsizing, as well as everything else in German sports cars, stay tuned to Oh So Lofty.