The McLaren MSO HS: The Ultimate Super Series

McLaren’s current lineup is organized into 3 distinct categories: the sports, super, and ultimate series of cars. The ultimate series includes McLaren’s hybrid hypercar, the P1, while the sports series includes the company’s most practical and user-friendly offerings. The sports series consists of the manufacturer’s well-known supercar siblings, the 650S and 675LT. McLaren has a habit of taking their already-spectacular automobiles and making them even more extreme, and they have once again demonstrated that with their latest creation. As the 675LT was the more hardcore, track-focused version of the 650S, a new car has been created for those who still want a bit more lunacy. This is the McLaren MSO HS.

MSO, or McLaren’s Special Operations division, has decided the lighter, more powerful 675 still wasn’t quite rare or angry enough. As a result, the HS (High Sport) was created as a flagship model for the super series of cars. It’s essentially a more powerful, lighter, more aerodynamic version of the LT, and the closest new car you can buy to a P1. The High Sport utilizes the same 3.8 liter, twin-turbocharged V8 from all other modern McLarens, which puts out 679 horsepower and 516 lb ft of torque. Power is sent to the rear wheels through McLaren’s 7-speed, dual-clutch transmission. No performance figures have been mentioned, but a 0-60 time of under 3 seconds and a top speed of around 200 mph is a given.

The biggest difference between the HS and the car it’s based on is the incredibly aggressive bodywork. McLaren is known for its extensive use of carbon fiber, and that is put on full display with the HS. Features ranging from the angular front splitter and dive planes to the utterly massive rear wing are finished in exquisite, clear carbon fiber. The HS also features a carbon roof scoop and front fender vents that were available as MSO options on the 675LT. Now, the 675LT was already an aggressive-looking car, but the High Sport’s enhancements really make it look like a proper weapon.

It is, however, a proper weapon that only a privileged few will ever have access to. Only 25 will be produced, and all 25 have been sold for what I would assume to be a very large amount of money. For a car as special as this, though, I’m sure none of the lucky few owners will regret their purchase. For all the latest on McLaren, as well as all other limited-edition supercars, make sure to stay tuned to Oh So Lofty.