The Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6

I have a secret. I absolutely adore outrageous concept cars. I love the extreme designs, seemingly fictional features, and (most importantly) the underlying meaning for their conception. Concept cars are way more than just a cool looking poster for a bedroom wall, or iPhone lock screen. Concept cars, more than often, are a view into the future for a brand. Future design languages, powertrains, and even brand image can be represented by a well executed concept car.

In Monterey last week, Mercedes-Maybach, whom I will refer to as just Maybach for the rest of this piece, unveiled a new concept car dubbed the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6. The 6 is a huge…HUGE 2-door luxury sports coupe. It features long swooping curves, gullwing doors, and a Champaign chiller built into the body.

It is powered by an all electric powertrain equivalent to about 740hp, which supposedly can propel the land yacht to 60mph in less than 4s, and keep going for over 200miles. For the Halo nerds like myself, the interior resembles something one would find in a Covenant drop ship. Everything looks really futuristic, almost sci-fi, with blue accent lighting throughout the cabin.

It is quite a crazy concept car and I absolutely love it. I like the looks, but also what it means for the future of the brand. For many years, Maybachs have been nothing more than rebadged S-Classes with marginally higher quality interior finishes; Aesthetically and mechanically the same car. I see the Maybach 6 concept as a hint that future Maybachs won’t be as similar to the Mercedes cars they are based on.

Obviously, mechanical and some technological bits will be shared for logistical reasons, but aesthetically I’m expecting future Maybachs to be quite different. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.