Cars That Would Lose to a Tesla Model S (and Model X) P100D

Tesla, in their never ending quest to prove to the world that electric cars are awesome, have just dealt another sucker punch to the internal combustion race. Dubbed the P100D, this new battery cell density packs 100kWh of electricity. This allows Tesla Model S’s with Ludicrous mode to achieve a 0-60mph in 2.5s. Model X’s will do 60mph in approximately 2.9s. Range for both is rated at above 300miles.

For the record, the Model S is a 4 door sedan, which rivals the Mercedes S-Class in size and the Rolls Royce Ghost in weight. The Model X is a Midsized SUV with a curb weight over 5,300lbs. A maxed out Model S would cost approximately $152,000 before taxes, credit, and fees, while a maxed out Model X would cost $155,000 before taxes, credit, and fees.

With that in mind...

 The following list of cars that could get smoked by a Model S P100D to 60mph:

·      Porsche 918 Spyder (claimed 2.5s to 60mph)

·      Bugatti Chiron (claimed 2.5s to 60mph)

·      Ferrari LaFerrari (claimed 2.6s to 60mph)

·      Bugatti Veyron SS  (claimed 3.2s to 60mph)

·      McLaren P1 (claimed 2.8s to 60mph)

·      Porsche 911 Turbo S (claimed 2.8s to 60mph)

·      Lamborghini Aventador SV (claimed 2.9s to 60mph)

·      Nissan GTR (claimed 2.7s to 60mph)

·      Ferrari F12 TDF (claimed 2.9s to 60mph)

·      BAC Mono (claimed 2.8s to 60mph)

The following cars would get smoked by both a Model S and Model X P100D to 60mph:

·      Lamborghini Huracán (claimed 3.2s to 60mph)

·      Ferrari 488 GTB (claimed 3.0s to 60mph)

·      Dodge SRT Hellcat  (claimed 3.4s to 60mph)

·      BMW M3 (claimed 3.8s to 60mph)


Yea…electric cars are pretty awesome.