The New Mercedes-AMG GT and GT C Roadster

Right off the bat, this is the new AMG GT Roadster. It comes in 2 flavors, GT and GT C. Both are powered by the luscious 4.0 twin-turbo V8, though output differs. The regular GT packs 476hp, while the GT C packs 557hp. Power is routed through AMG’s Speedshift 7-Speed transmission, which allows 60mph to be achieved in 4.0s and 3.7s respectively.

The roof is a soft top, which keeps things light. The GT C features a meaner stance thanks to wider arse and wheels. The GT C also features more vents, grills, and other functional aero enhancements that also happen to look neat. The GT C features a sports exhaust system, which should make driving with the top down quite a treat.

The look of the GT Roadster is perfect. The lines are beautiful, the proportions are right, and the lack of roof just makes overall shape so much better. The new twin-spoke wheels also help in the looks department. Interior remains relatively unchanged, which is a good thing. The AMG GT has one of the best interiors in Benz’s lineup.

The AMG GT Roadster will hit dealers next fall. Expect the regular GT Roadster to start at around $120,000, with the GT C Roadster starting at $140,000.