The New Audi RS3 Sedan

You know what I find very amusing? Angry, tiny animals. All that anger, and power stuffed into a tiny package is just amusing in my mind. I mean, imagine a little squirrel in attack mode, going toe to toe with a dog. It’s hilarious.

Now, before all you assume that I’ve complete lost my marbles, my angry squirrel filled introduction was an intention act. You see, small cars with a lot of power and emotion are fun as hell. Cars like the BMW 2-Series, Mercedes CLA, and Audi A3 are actually really fun to whip around, even with their mundane base power plants.

Now, manufactures have been hopping these small cars up with big power for a while now, giving us cars like the M2 and CLA 45 AMG. My personal favorite is the Audi RS3, mainly because it’s usually been the angriest of them all. Audi just unveiled a new RS3 and has quite the temper.

Right, starting with the numbers. The new RS3 has 4 doors, 5-cylinders, 7-gears, 354 lb*ft of torque, and 400hp. This is the worlds most powerful 5-cylinder motor…ever. The RS3 accelerates to 60mph in approximately 4.1s, which is fast.

Exterior styling is proper angry. There are sharp corners, intakes, grills, and angry looking lights. The interior has hints are red everywhere, which is appropriate because anger and rage. There are no plans for a manual transmission, however it will be coming to the US next summer. Expect pricing to be around $50,000.

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