The New 2017 Shelby Super Snake

If I were in the market for a Ford Mustang, I would do two things. First, I would find a very comprehensive insurance plan to cover any unintended (maybe?) harm that it may inflict. Second, I would make sure it is a Shelby.

In 1967, Carroll Shelby introduced what I think is the most badass Mustang to ever hit the streets, the Super Snake. It had the engine from the GT40 (yes, that GT40), Le Mans blue racing stripes, and the Shelby seal of approval. Shelby originally created this car for Goodyear, but decided to try and do a limited run. Unfortunately, the high cost and low demand led to the original Super Snake to never be mass produced.

Fast forward 50 years later to now, where there is a Super Snake that can be purchased. The 2017 Shelby Super Snake starts out as a regular 5.0L Mustang. It then gets hit with a tune and a Supercharger is slapped onto the engine, which leads to an output ranging from 670hp-750hp. The amount of power is dependent on the supercharger option selected.

After power upgrades, the Mustang goes through an extensive suspension, drivetrain, interior, and exterior upgrade. Basically, all the Ford parts that made it a Ford are replaced with Shelby parts that make it Shelby.

After all the work, the Super Snake will be able to hit 60mph in 3.5s, pull 1.2gs on the skid pad, and probably do a sub 12s ¼ mile. For comparison, a GT350R does 60mph in 3.9s, pulls 1.1gs on the skid pad, and does the ¼ mile in 12.5s. Quite the improvement, if I do say so.

The Super Snake package starts $36,795. With the cost of the Mustang, that becomes $70,895. This seems a bit steep, however it should be noted that only 500 Super Snakes will be produced. This could mean that it will not only retain its value, but also may appreciate over time.

Which is nice.