Introducing the new Bentley Continental Supersports

After over 13 years, the production run of the Bentley Continental GT is finally wrapping up. The GT has, for over a decade now, been a staple of comfort, luxury, and more power than you’ll ever really need. As seemingly all cars these days are treated to limited-edition variants towards the end of their lifetime, the Bentley Continental is no different. Back in 2009, before the GT range had received its recent facelift, a model called the Continental Supersports was introduced. This model was hailed as the fastest, most powerful Bentley ever, and sat proudly atop Bentley’s GT lineup. Now, years later, a new Continental Supersports has been announced to claim the title, not only of fastest Bentley, but also the world’s fastest luxury four-seater.

The new Supersports packs some pretty impressive numbers under its bulging hood. Its 6-liter, twin-turbo W12 has been tuned up to 700 horsepower and 750 lb ft of torque. This power is sent to all four wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission, resulting in a 0-60 time of only 3.4 seconds. In a car as heavy as this, that’s no small feat. The top speed of 209 mph isn’t exactly a number to disregard either. Sure, it only beat the old four-seater record by 1 mph, but think about it this way: this is a Bentley that’s (technically) faster than Ferrari’s new V12 beast, the GTC4Lusso. These numbers only hold true in the coupe, however. A convertible version will arrive in the near future, so expect a slight deficit in acceleration and a somewhat-less-terrifying top speed with the drop-top.

The Continental Supersports is not a car that will often be described as subtle. While most Bentleys are restrained and tasteful, this new model looks like it decided it wants to be an evil villain. The front bumper has been redesigned and now features a more aerodynamic fascia. New vents in the hood aid engine cooling while new forged wheels help to reduce unnecessary weight. Around the back, rifled exhausts and a spoiler reminiscent of Bentley’s GT3-R help onlookers realize this is no ordinary Continental. The interior, aside from the Neapolitan spec of the car in the press photos, looks as exquisite as ever. Like you’d expect from any Bentley, diamond stitched seats and fine leather tie together with wood and chrome accents to create a fantastic place to be. The Continental Supersports will hit the road in the near future. A noticeable premium above the current Continental GT Speed is to be expected. For all the latest on fast Bentleys, and pretty much anything else that’s fast, make sure to stay tuned to Oh So Lofty.