Mercedes-Maybach G-650 Landaulet

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pet a Giraffe while sun bathing in an opulent, V12 powered, open-top off-roader, all while getting a hot stone massage and sipping on chilled Don Perignon? I have not, if I am honest, but Rick Ross probably has! And luckily for him there’s a new addition to the Maybach lineup that will help make it all happen.

Mercedes calls is the G 650 Landaulet. I call is Rozay on wheels. It has huge 22in chrome wheels, wrapped in equally massive off-road tires. Under the hood lies a twin-turbo V12 (not a V8, because Maybach), which makes 630hp and 740 ft*lbs of smooth and luscious torque. The rear canopy is electric powered, allowing it to be raised and lowered with ease. The diamond quilted leather thrones have built in massagers, and independent entertainment systems.

Much of the running gear in the G 650 is from the 6x6 and 4x4. The axels, transfer cases, and differentials are all of the beefy variant, which means the Landaulet can actually go off-roading…though I highly doubt any of the 99 units will partake in such activities.

It’s not really a serious car, in fact the exact opposite. There really is no reason or need for the G 650 Landaulet. To the common minded man, it’s pointless. That common minded man is also very boring, something that the Landaulet is not.

The G 650 Landaulet is so over-the-top and flamboyant that it is fun, and it makes me smile. Which is why I want one.