Non-Tesla Electric Cars You Should Check Out

Tesla is the most well known electric car brand today. They make a great car, and like many people, I am a huge fan of what they have to offer. The Model X is pretty dope, and the Model S is my benchmark for what a car should be. That said, they are not the only electric car brand out there. Here are some other electric car brands worth checking out.

Faraday Future

Faraday Future (also known by FF) is a Chinese backed electric car company that is the butt of many jokes. FF hasn’t had the best of luck with their car presentations, social media management, and finances (rumor)…but they do have an interesting electric car. The FF 91 is a direct competitor to the Tesla Model X. It supposedly packs a 130kWh battery pack, which is good for 378 miles, and has 1050hp! All of those numbers can top the Model X, if they hold true, but for now they are just possibilities.

Other than that, the FF 91 seems like a nice car. It looks nice, inside and out. It has a plethora of technological gadgets and features. It may even have operating performance similar to that of an internal combustion car. Definitely a lot of potential.


My personal favorite. Lucid motors is a luxury electric car company that is also based out of California. Formerly known as Atieva, Lucid initially started as a battery technology company, later shifting into an electric car company. The Air is Lucid’s competitor to the Tesla Model S, and like the FF 91, it tops it on paper. The Air packs 1000hp, up to 400 miles range, and autonomous function. None of this is actually official, but it does sound nice. The Air is geared towards a more luxury feel, which is apparent in it’s gorgeous interior. Again, a lot of potential here as well.


Not exactly a new car company, but definitely a car company to keep an eye on. Chevrolet has entered the EV market with the Bolt. Unlike FF, Lucid, and Tesla, Chevy is targeting everyday peeps with the Bolt. Compared to current Teslas on sale, the Bolt is cheap and more practical for the common Joe. It costs around $40,000, has a decent amount of space, and can go 200 miles on a charge. Most importantly, it’s on sale right now. Of the 3 cars I have talked about in this post, the Bolt is the closest to competing with Tesla…right now.

Tesla just announced that pre-production Model 3s will be produced in a couple of weeks. If things go well, it is very likely that many of the 400,000 Model 3s preorders will be fulfilled by the end of 2017.

Looks like 2017 is going to be an exciting time for electric cars.