Introducing the 2018 Dodge Demon

Dodge, longtime purveyor of “‘Murica” on wheels, has been teasing their new Demon for a while now. Rumors stated it as 1000+hp, center seat race car, which ran off the spirits of small children and puppies. In reality, however, the Demon is none of that. It’s a car, with a lot of power, and a lot of claims.

First, the numbers. The Demon is powered by a 6.2L Hemi V8, which has a HUGE 2.7L supercharger attached to it. It also has the world’s first liquid cooled intake system, dubbed the SRT Power Chiller, dual fuel pumps on demand, and a hood scoop which could swallow most children. With 14.5lbs of boost, a massive cold air system, and the ability to run high octane race fuel, the Demon can output 840hp and 770 lb*ft of torque. This allows the Demon to pop a wheel when launched, hit 60mph in 2.3s, and run the ¼ mile in 9.65s at 140mph!

This makes the Demon all of the following:

·      Most powerful V8 ever produced

·      Highest G-force by production car (1.8G)

·      First production car ever to be able to wheelie when launched

·      Fastest production car to hit 0-60mph (2.3s)

·      Fastest ¼ mile time for production car (9.65s @140mph)

The Demon is so powerful and ridiculous, that the National Hot Rod Associate (NHRA) has banned it from competing in official races. Considering this is a car which can be bought from a dealership, that’s actually really impressive.

The Dodge Demon will go on sale soon. Pricing has yet to be announced, however expect it to start above the infamous Challenger Hellcat.