May Supercar Gallery

May marks the beginning of the car season for many enthusiasts in the Midwest. As winter finally eases its firm grip on the land and conditions become more suitable to spirited driving, many owners bring their beautiful cars out of winter hibernation. Two events were hosted this past weekend to celebrate local automotive culture. I attended both, camera in hand, in order to show you what the Chicagoland area had to offer.

The first event was the latest held by the local Supercar Saturdays organization. Everything from a MSO 675LT Spider to a R33 Skyline GT-R was on display, providing a solid start to the weekend. Friendly owners and a big crowd created a very enjoyable event. Just click on the picture to scroll through the gallery below.

On Sunday morning, local organization Rise & Drive also held their first event of the season. This was held at a local car storage facility, which presented a bit of frustration. The parking lot outside held a few gems, but the indoor area was a bit unfortunate. Don’t get me wrong, the cars there were nothing short of astonishing. Cars such as an Isdera Imperator and BMW M1 were present. However, these cars were roped off and in storage at the facility. This meant they were not part of the event. I was informed by several employees that the public was not allowed to take pictures of any of them. I voiced my discontent to the organizers, but I’m not going to worry about things I can’t change. The pictures below cover the highlights I was actually allowed to photograph. Enjoy, and stay tuned for further galleries this summer!