Jaguar F-Type SVR Roadster: Late Night Missile

Normally, when your phone rings at 3:30 in the morning, it’s never good. This happened to me, and with a sense of irritation, I grabbed it and pressed accept. The voice on the other end was happy I picked up. “Come downstairs, this is the best time to drive. I think you will like it.” Stumbling out of bed, I got dressed and headed downstairs. I opened the front door revealing my friend, who we will call Mike, at the base of the stairs with a car I have loved since the day it came out. Excited, I jumped into the seat of the grandson of the great, the Jaguar F-Type SVR.


“Don’t wrap it around a tree” was the only advice I was given as we began to leave my apartment. I checked the odometer, 1000 miles. I settled into the leather and gazed over the long, blue hood, reflect. and as we reached the end of the driveway, decided to take the long way towards downtown Iowa City. Since I live on a particularly long stretch of deserted highway, I decided to let the SVR breathe a little.


Dynamic Mode… On, Sport Exhaust… Open, Foot… Floor. With a downshift, I was pinned to my seat, eyes locked on the speed. 30… 50… 70…, for legal reasons, I have no idea how fast I was going. Once I hit that speed, and eased off of the gas, the crackle from the exhaust fired off like gunshots on New Year’s Eve. The sound is deafening, especially with the roof down, allowing the symphony from hell to play for all to hear. Even the excellent Meridian Surround Sound had trouble keeping the exhaust note at bay. Even with the sound, however, this is a comfortable car. As we headed into more populated neighborhoods, one of my favorite parts of this car began to appear. The F-Type masters both of its personalities, becoming Dr. Jekyll to not wake those sleeping around us, to becoming Mr. Hyde when all alone, ready to tear your face off at the drop of a gear.


The F-Type is one of the best cars I have driven this year. For car lovers, it captures attention with its beautiful body, power and prestige. When darkness began to fade, and my time with the SVR came to an end, the only thing on my mind was where I could buy one for myself. It is a brilliant car with its body capturing all eyes near it and its engine holding all close ears hostage and will live as one of the best cars of the decade.  

Bram Williams

Iowa Baja Racing, 200 North Madison Street, Iowa City, IA, 52245