The Model 3 is Coming!

It’s funny how the most powerful things sometimes are what many consider pointless. Take tweets for example. By concept, they seem pretty useless. 140 character messages being constantly rotated on a digital feed; of which most are useless jabber.

That said, with the right wording and delivery, a tweet can cause a stir up the world. Tweets have caused revolution, political change, and most recently great excitement in the automotive world.

On Sunday, July 2nd Tesla CEO Elon Musk put out 3 tweets (shown below) which not only caused eager Tesla fans to collectively rejoice in praise, but also caused Tesla’s stock to rally Monday morning, other Automaker stocks to stumble, and without a doubt affected the future of automobiles.

From these tweets, a couple things are apparent. First, the Model 3 is nearly ready for primetime. Second, production of the first car will finish this Friday. And third, production will be picking up fast, with 20,000 Model 3s to be made in December alone.

So, what does this mean for the average Model 3 reservation holder? Will they be seeing their car anytime soon? The answer to that is probably not, unless you’re a Tesla employee or one the first reservation holders. The average reservation holder will probably have to wait until sometime next year till he/she gets a Model 3. That said, the commencement of the production of the Model 3 marks an important milestone for not only Tesla, but also the entire auto industry.

The Model 3 has been called the 21st Century Model T. With the start of its production, electric cars are on their way to becoming the norm. It probably will be a while till you see a Model 3 on the road…but at least you’ll see on the road in the future.