It's the Brand-New Mercedes G-Class!

The Mercedes G-Class has cemented itself as a bit of an icon over time. It’s a car that makes a strong statement, as its instantly recognizable shape has seemingly been anywhere. Since the 70s, this boxy Benz has been tackling all kinds of different terrain, and over the years has grown in both capability and luxury. Never has a car been so at home both at an off-road course and outside your neighborhood spinning class. This week, Mercedes has revealed the newest generation of the beloved 4x4. As the people of Dubai, the Kardashian family, and rich soccer moms rush to place their orders, allow me to tell you a bit more about the brand new G500.


Now, all jokes aside, the G-Wagen does have a bit of a reputation these days. Some people don’t take it as a serious off-roader to due many owners not utilizing the car’s full capabilities. However, despite those opinions, the G-Class is a serious machine. This isn’t the crazy fast one, as we’ll have to wait a while before we get the full AMG version. However, even in standard G550 trim, the G-Class makes 416 hp and 450 lb ft from its four-liter V8. The new G weighs in at nearly 400 pounds lighter than the outgoing model, meaning this power and torque should produce some respectable performance. Being the G-Wagen, it has also received a number of upgrades to its off-roading capabilities. It’s now more capable than ever, being able to tread deeper depths, scale greater obstacles than any luxury off-roader Mercedes has ever built.

On the styling front, the new G-Class is nearly identical to the previous G-Wagen models. As one of the automotive industry’s most iconic and recognizable silhouettes, this is no surprise. A few features such as the new LED headlights, new tail lights, and a broad new grille will allow those interested to distinguish the new G-Class from the old one. There’s no doubt, though, that when you pull up in one of these, onlookers will know exactly what they’re looking at. Luckily, the G’s interior has been thoroughly overhauled, and it looks like an exquisite place to be. Pricing will probably start around $130,000, and they’ll start getting delivered later this year!