The Brabham BT62: Blast from the Past

When you say the name Brabham, many of the world’s younger automotive enthusiasts might not have any idea who, or what, you’re talking about. For decades, Brabham was a name associated with some properly fast (and successful) race cars. The company’s founder, Jack Brabham, won the Formula 1 world championship three times, and is the only driver to win the title in a car that bears his name. Brabham automotive celebrated decades of success in motorsport but has remained largely out of the picture in recent times. However, this is about to change. The company has developed a brand new, track-only hypercar that aims to propel the company back into the spotlight. This car is called the BT62, and it looks fantastic.

The heart of the BT62 is its 700 horsepower, naturally aspirated, 5.4-liter V8. The 8-cylinder also produces around 500 lb ft of torque, meaning the BT62 will have no trouble getting a move on. This power is fed solely to the rear wheels through a six-speed, sequential racing transmission. Aiding the free-breathing engine’s assault of speed is the BT62’s incredibly low curb weight of under a ton. The power-to-weight ratio of this car is thrust up into proper hypercar territory, and that’s not the only remarkable figure about it. This car possesses an arsenal of aerodynamic trickery, including its sculpted front end, an intricately designed underbody, and that massive rear wing/diffuser combination. In total, the car produces 1,200 kg (over 2,600 lbs) of downforce. With more downforce than the car weighs, the BT62 is shaping up to be an absolute menace in cornering. No performance statistics have been announced yet, but expect them to be properly quick.

In addition to Brabham’s new track toy’s performance, there’s no denying it’s a very good-looking car. The car, while possessing cues to a few other high-performance automobiles, retains its own very distinct shape. It manages to be a race-inspired track machine and a genuinely handsome vehicle at the same time, which is no small feat. The gorgeous, dark green historic livery the car has debuted in definitely highlights the BT62’s curves as well. Only 70 of these crazy machines will be produced, and they’ll have a price tag in the realm of seven digits. While it’s most will ever see one in person, I hope to see some proper video coverage of this machine in due course. Maybe a similar-looking road car too. Now, that would be nice.