Beauty from Chaos
— Aatish Patel

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The Cosmos is Lofty Design’s take on the monstrosity that is the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.  The gem of V12 that power the F12, as well as its suspension, has been meticulously restructured to deliver astronomical performance, and yet practicality has not been compromised. The leather seats, the hi-fi system, the navigation are all still functional.  The Innotech Performance Exhaust provides Cosmos with a growl unlike any other car. With the use of titanium, copper, carbon fiber, and kevlar, the Cosmos is not only stronger but also downright beautiful. The Cosmos harnesses the chaos, and converts it to the most exhilarating driving experience ever. Cosmos is meant to be loved, envied, and driven. It is Lofty Designs declaration that power doesn’t have to be feared, caged away in a room. Instead, it should be set free


Carbon Fiber 3D-Printed Parts

o   Lofty Design embraces the newest and greatest proven technologies in our products. 3D Printing is one of them. All carbon fiber panels are 3D printed. 3D Printing allows for harder angles to be achieved, as well as flawless final parts.  

Innotech Performance Exhaust System

o   Innotech is well known for their state of the art, and orchestral sounding exhausts systems. Cosmos comes equipped with Innotech’s F12 exhaust system, with 3 selectable valve modes: Open, Closed, and Auto. Not only will the Cosmos sound ferocious, but the IPE exhaust system also allows for better exhaust management, which equates to more power, which will make you smile even more.

Starfield Liner

o   The Starfield liner complements the astronomical performance of Cosmos. The headliner of Cosmos is laced with thousands of fiber-optic lights, transporting the occupants to another world.

Finger Print Ignition

o   A staple feature of Lofty Design. We care about our customers, mainly because we are humans too. Coming out and finding your car missing is never cool, which why every car is equipped with a fingerprint ignition system.

Kevlar and Carbon Fiber Lined Body, and Fuel System

o   Safety of occupants is usually reduced when performance is increased. Not with Lofty Design vehicles. All the major panels and fuel system in the Cosmos has been lined with Kevlar and carbon fiber. Increased rigidity, as well as resistance to penetration and leaking.

Treated Body and Trim

o   What’s beauty if it cannot be maintained? All Lofty Design vehicles come with ceramic clear coats, as well as treated metal and carbon surfaces to prevent scratches, blemished, and tarnishing. 

2 Configurations, 2 Emotions 



900hp Twin-Turbo V12

Remapped Traction Management System

K40 Radar Detector and Diffuse

Hideaway License Plate

Innotech Performance Exhaust System



1100hp Electro-Turbo V12

Race-Tuned Suspension

Programmable Limiter System

Remapped Traction Management System

Innotech Performance Exhaust System

K40 Radar Detector and Diffuser

Hideaway License Plate


This is a concept. There are no plans to go forward with production…yet. If you have any questions regarding the Cosmos, or want to make a business inquiry, feel free to contact us at