Top Bollywood Actors (2000s)

Top 5 Bollywood Actors (2k Edition)


Indian movies, for the most part, are all the same. Story usually involves a character dealing with a conflict, throw in a love interest and a few extravagant dance numbers and you have yourself a Bollywood film. What differentiates these films from one another are the Actors and Actresses that play said character and love interest. This list will list the Top 5 Bollywood actors from the 2000 and onward. The actors on this list were chosen by comparing the quality of the film roles they played…not commercial success. So without further ado, let us begin with…


5. John Abraham

John Abraham has always been one of my favorite actors, but for an odd reason. Most people like actors as the hero of the film. In that case, John has played quite a few rolls as the hero, in films like Dostana, Garam Masala to name a few. But John excels in the role of being the villain, which is why he is on this list. Films like Dhoom, Race 2, Shootout at Wadala, and Zinda all showcase Mr. Abraham’s wonderful villainous acting skills.


4. Saif Ali Khan

Ok, before all the Bollywood fanatics leave this website, punch their computer screens, and start burning pictures of my face, let me say that Saif is a great actor! Sure he’s no Salman or Ranbir Kapoor, but he doesn’t need to be! Saif has his own style. If you need proof of this, just watch Love Aaj Kal, Aarakshan, Kurbaan, or the Race series. All are great, entertaining films and showcases to Mr. Khan’s superb acting and unique style.



3. Abhishek Bachan

Abhishek Bachan will always be in the shadow of his father, Amitabh Bachan. With that said, Abhishek is an awesome actor! He can do comedic rolls pretty good, just watch Dostana or Bluffmaster for proof. But even better, Abhishek can act tough and serious. Dhoom, Guru, Sarkar all display this stone cold, killer attitude that Abhishek possesses. Do I dare say that I like him better than his dad, the legendary Amitabh Bachan? I’d rather not say, as I value my life…

2. Akshay Kumar

There is no doubt that Askhay Kumar’s acting career really spiked in the 2000s. With quality the releases, like Waqt, Garam Masala, Heyy Baby, early on, Akshay gained the fan base he needed to be on this list. And then he went full on crazy and pumped out mega-hits, like Welcome, Housefull, and Desi Boyz to name a few. These films further added to his growing fanbase and credibility. But he didn’t stop there. He switched his style again, with films like Rowdy Rathore, Special 26, and Holiday. Akshay Kumar put up a good fight with the man who is number one on this list. But let’s be honest. Nobody, and I mean nobody can top…

1. Salman Khan

How do I not sound “questionable” when talking about Salman Khan. I mean this is a man, that possesses the ability to get grown men screaming like girls, yelling things along the lines of “Ek aur Maar Yaar”, as his shirt is magestically ripped off his sculpted body by the wind. I should also mention that the lady’s are screaming at such a high frequency, that nobody can hear them. Yes, Salman is know for his rowdy, hard hitting, masala pictures. And his body. But before the films, there was a different Salman. One that was compassionate….dare I say soft? If you want an example, watch films like Lucky, Tere Naam, Kyoni Ki to name a few. And then immediately watch Wanted, Partner, Dabanng to get the other side of this beast of an actor. Actually, better idea. Just watch all of his films. Even the flops. There ALL great to watch.

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