5 Movies that should be played in business courses

I like the idea of watching movies in class. Not only is it more engaging than a lecture, were also more likely to remember stuff about that movie. Since business is becoming one of the go too fields, I decided to make a list of movies that should be played in every single business course in the country. So with out further ado, hear are my top 5 movies relating to the field of business.

5. Transporter 1

Ok, not exactly based on the subject of business, but it does touch some important aspects. For starters, punctuality and composure is a must. In this movie, the main character is not only on time, but also very composed (even though he may have just killed 5 men). Punctuality is something I beginning to less of these days. In business, if the meeting is at 1:30, you are at that meeting at 1:30. Not 1:00. Not 1:45, but 1:30. And your not supposed to look like you just came out of the gym. Be composed. I cannot stress this enough, and yet people arrive off time and look flustered. Maybe this movie will provide them with an example about how deals are done.


4. Rush

Again, not really based on business, but touches an aspect that is very apart of business. And it uses a very exciting medium to teach this aspect, 70s F1 racing. This being competition. Niki Lauda, and James Hunt had a fierce rivalry back in the 1970s. Both competed with each other, and both experience growth as a result of this competition. Basically, this movie depicts the necessity of competition in life. In business, competition seems negative, but it is in fact positive if dealt with correctly. Embrace the competition, and use it to grow.

3. The Wolf of Wallstreet

Most kids tell me that the Wolf of Wall Street is about doing a bunch of drugs, and going into the stock market. In reality, the Wolf of Wall Street showcases the effect of effective communication and sales tactics. Mr. Belford used his slick communication skills to give his customers a sense of security and trust, hence why they gave him his money to blow on cocaine and strippers. If you can talk in such a way to gain the trust of the people you deal with, you can accomplish almost anything.

 2. American Gangster

Now this is a true business movie, if you consider heroin as a legit business. Either way, American Gangster showcase perfectly how penetrating the market directly, without a middleman, can lead to success. It also touches on the concept of brand image and loyalty. People are going to use the better product, especially if it costs the same as the regular products. In this case, the heroin that Mr. Lucas dealt was straight from the manufacture and of high quality. So high, that other began to sell their lower quality product under the name of Mr. Lucas’s product. If you don’t like the harsh reality of drug dealing, don’t watch this movie. However, if you want a movie to teach you probably one of the most important concepts in business, supply and demand, then watch this movie.

1.    Guru

A foreign film about my people. Guru is the story of Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani who is the founder of the 2nd largest company in India, Reliance Industries. This movie is not about the concept or theories surrounding business, but about the struggles one faces when starting a business. Mr. Ambani left his home at a young age, and moved to the city. He hustled hard, made friends and enemies and ultimately came out as the most successful person in India. He built a lasting empire from nothing. This is a true story. It doesn’t matter if you’re in business, medicine, engineering, or any other field. This movie applies to something that is prevalent in all of those fields. The need for true determination. Don’t read those motivation quotes, make your own. If you’re truly determined to accomplish something, chances are you’ll accomplish it. If you’re going watch one movie from this list, watch this one. You will not be disappointed.