Review: Drakes "If Your Reading This It's Too Late"

Drizzy’s back, and he’s packing.

Last night, Drake decided to surprise us all by releasing his new mix tape, If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late…for purchase. Yes, even though this is marketed as a mix tape, you still have to pay for it. So is it worth you hard earned $12.99? YES!

If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late is arguably one of the best rap albums to come out this year, mainly because the year just began. Drake’s signature hard-hitting, chillness is alive and present on every single track. Combine that with the awesome, dark themed beats, and cleverly worded references and disses littered throughout the lyrics, and it becomes quite clear that If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late’s is going to stick around for a while.

Now for a brief track by track:

·      Legend

o   A mellow start to the album. Drake raps about why he’s a legend. The money, the girls, and his status are all referenced.

·      Energy

o   The energy of this album begins to rise with Energy. Drake has a lot of enemies, and girls, and problems that all are trying to drain him of his energy…but it doesn’t faze him cuz he’s Drake.

·      10 Bands

o   One of, if not the strongest track on this tape. Drake basically flexes about his life as young millionaire. Dope beat, brisk flow, and the staple Drake charm are all present.

·      Know Yourself

o   The placement of this song could be better, but that’s not saying this isn’t a good song. We get a look at Drake’s life before all of this. And the beat is really good.

·      No Tellin’

o   Basically a version of 0-100 except with a lighter mood. 0-100 was good, so is this.

·      Madonna

o   The weakest track on this tape. The typical Drake song about a girl…except without the intimacy we expect.

·      6 God

o   Back to high energy. Drake is flexing again, hard. Not a bad song, but feels repetitive

·      Star67

o   Drake switches it up a bit. His flow matches the beat perfectly, and the lyrics tie it all together.

·      Preach (ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR)

o   Drake and PND preach on about people are over reactive these days. Good song with a good message.

·      Wednesday Night Interlude (ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR)

o   What the actual f***… oh this is a Drake album

·      Used To (ft. Lil Wayne)

o   Lil Wayne and Drake complement each other like peanut butter and jelly. Gangsta track.

·      6 Man

o   Nice beat; check. Drizzy getting deep in the lyrics; check.

·      Now & Forever

o   Placement could be better, but hey I didn’t make this album. A song about remorse. Drake got a little thirsty and this was the result.

·      Company (ft. Travis Scott)

o   Don’t really like this trippy stuff, but if you do then this is the song for you.

·      You & The 6

o   You know that drill. Drake raps about a girl. Want’s her back.

·      Jungle

o   This song slows down the album dramatically. We are reaching the end…

·      6pm in New York

o   Pride rapping in action here. Drake spits over the simple drumbeat with confidence, because he can. Great way to end this album.

In case your wondering, all of the 6 references are not directed towards Satan or whatever. The 6’s are a tribute to his last mix tape, 6 years ago. Does this If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late live up to the hype? Well, there really wasn’t any hype to start with, since it came at random. That being said, If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late is a solid performance from Drake. He has progressed a long way from So Far Gone, and this album shows it. As a fan of Drake, you got to love that.


Listen to Drake new album here.