Lofty Artist Pick: Vague Grey

We here at OhSoLofty appreciate good music, especially hip-hop. In the recent years, however, the world of hip-hop has become almost as hot of a mess as LaGuardia Airport on a hot summer day. Hip-hop and rap has gone from poetry with flow (ex. Tupac, Nate Dogg, Eminem) to whatever the hell you want to call Young Thug, Bobby Shmurda, Fetty Wap, etc… Projectile fecal matter, maybe. Whatever you call it; the point is that hip-hop is slowing being diluted with this crap people call music. Yes, it’s tragic but luckily there are a few dime pieces in this sea of ratchet. These artists embrace the old school hip-hop culture, and adapt it for modern world without losing the “magic” we oh so love.

One such example of this is a young hip-hop artist out of New York who goes by Vague Grey. From listening to Vague’s songs, it becomes quite clear that he isn’t a typical rapper. His flow is raw 90s, his production is simple (but fitting), and his lyrics are honest.

By honest, I mean honest. Vague highlights the world as he sees it; grey. Take his song “Vague Grey”. In it, he rhythmically chants about the world and how it’s almost fading away like an old black and white picture. In “What it isn’t”, Vague conveys how life is more about what we ignore or take for granted than for what we want.

On top of the great subject matter, Vague’s music is nice to listen. No auto tune, nice beats, and great vocals. If I could use one word to describe his music, it would be honest, which is something I can't say about a lot of music these days.